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Barrett Warner | The scenic route and more

Bare, I Come to You I never had a green thumb. It was orange, yellow, sometimes blue. Plants died. Goldfish died. On some mornings I enter the kitchen to find dead roaches, curled up papery worms, spiders caught in their own silk. Geese fall out of the sky to land at my feet. Corn and beans mildew on the stalk and topsoil smothers the stream. Bees have stopped dancing. Every […]

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Eirlys Chui | Three poems

A New Day In the moments between midnight and morning It is silent at first, as though nature still sleeps All is calm and quiet, for even the air has not awoken The sun slowly slips from its soft slumber Its vibrant rays reach out, warm and radiant Drops of dew gleam on the delicate dahlias. Nature knows it is time to nudge the world awake Branches stretch and yawn, […]

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Bob Findysz | Plant poems

Nana (Mentha spicata) I could continue acquiescing as he prunes and keeps us cultivated in our assigned spaces, producing together another year of aromas, textures and tastes. But I have it in mind to let myself go to seed and spread throughout the whole herb box — sending my hungry runners through the seams in the pine walls of each cell and the cracks in the wood floor, out into […]

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MOON Shine | Plant intelligence

“In this process of unlearning, in the process of feeling and hearing the plants again, one comes to realize many things. And of these things, perhaps stronger than the others, one feels the pain of the Earth. It is not possible to escape it.” – Stephen Harrod Buhner “That we held, and still hold, treaties with the animals and plant species is a known part of tribal culture. The relationship […]

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