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MOON Shine | Reimagining our stories, ourselves

“Story is the very fabric of our lives. Every life begins and ends with a story and, taken as a whole, is a story. Every relationship is a story. Every dream. Every experience. …The world itself is a story; indeed, it might be more accurate to say that the world is made up of stories than to say it is made up of atoms, earth, trees, and other things. The […]

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Richard Tarnas | Two suitors — A parable

Imagine, for a moment, that you are the universe. But for the purposes of this thought experiment, let us imagine that you are not the disen­chanted mechanistic universe of conventional modern cosmology, but rather a deep-souled, subtly mysterious cosmos of great spiritual beauty and creative intelligence. And imagine that you are being approached by two different epistemo­logies—two suitors, as it were–who seek to know you. To whom would you open […]

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Mac Macartney

Mac Macartney | The journey, our journey

Day 1 – Friday 2nd January 2009 The car door slammed shut; it seemed very final. Britain was held in a frigid embrace of ice and snow; minus four degrees and going down. Above us reared the ancient folded earthworks of the British Camp, an Iron-Age fortification located towards the southern end of the Malverns, a single spine of hills bordering two counties in the West Midlands. I jerked my […]

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Ed Ahern | Take it all off

Curious that I can’t laugh at myself without also crying a little. The foible that generates the laugh was once a venerated bias, social illusion I had clung to, action I knew was significant, reciprocal acceptance of flaw, a fairy tale taught early to me, mind hair that smarted when tweezed out. And how naked I felt just after, clutching for another fig leaf to better hide my uncertainty, to […]

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