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Terri Jentz

Terri Jentz | My journey to justice

Terri Jentz was a college sophomore in 1977 when she and her roommate decided to complete a cross-country bicycle trip on the TransAmerica Trail, which had been popularized the year before during America’s “Bikecentennial.” Around midnight on the night of June 22, the women were attacked by a man in a pickup truck who drove right over their tent and then got out and started hacking at them with an […]

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Katie Bickell

Katie Bickell | From there to here

It was a dream.  In it, I wandered the halls of my old high school a last time, willing myself to find reason not to leave, Hey, you still need to sign my yearbook! Do you have summer plans this year, Ms. Ringrose? The future is a promise of only disappointment, fear. I’ll do anything to stay. With every tick of the clock hanging over the exit, I pang for […]

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Lauren Hudgins

Lauren Hudgins | Barefoot in the roses

In my humblest objections to dead and perfect poses, I stand here naked and barefoot in the roses.   In the course of clever actions, I stumble to what’s mine: a quick thrust in your direction to see me as divine.   I have no real contemplations. My mind to you exposes I stand here bloodied and barefoot in the roses.   I’m on knee to your extractions. You have […]

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Cathy Bryant | The Majorette

(The tarot card The World) I have been taught to twirl my two batons and march in step, as a majorette, and I was as proud as a lion when I got my first uniform.   Soon conformity and my growing body made me feel restricted, pedestrian, ox-like, feet aching from pounding the hard roads, on parade.   I longed to tear off my tight bodice, spread my wings and […]

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