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Lyla June | Reclaiming our Indigenous European roots

I spend a lot of time honoring and calling upon my Native American ancestors. I am keenly aware that my father’s people hold a venerable medicine as well. He has ancestry from the Great Sacred Motherland of Europe. I have been called a half-breed. I have been called a mutt. Impure. I have been told my mixed blood is my bane. That I’m cursed to have an Indian for a […]

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Ancient wisdom

“You mutilate the world because you don’t remember the Great Mother. If you don’t stop, the world will die. Please believe us. Do you think we say these words for the sake of talking? We are speaking the truth.” — Shibulata (Kogi) “Actually, there is a law; it’s the original instructions we came with. We need to return to those original instructions, we need to get our compass turned inward—so […]

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Judith Simon Prager | The wise ones say

The wise ones say There is only one moment and it is Now There is only one consciousness and it is shared And I understand that if we understand that, we are home free. So you, in your car, taking to the road after a long day, or stirring the vegetables, one color after another, into the fragrant soup, or lying in your bed, nearly asleep, but suspended enough to […]

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Standing between heaven and Earth | An interview with Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook

Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook is Oglala Lakota and describes her purpose as: “living by her women teachers’ sacred instructions: wahwoptetusni (to be uniquely steadfast), shakica (to be physically strong and beautiful), and wagluhtapi (to offer sacred food in ceremony).” For 30 years she has participated in the Sun Dance, her people’s annual four-day ceremony of intensive prayer through fasting and ritualized dance. Because her family was one of the […]

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