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Art CisnerosI AM SO GRATEFUL to be asked for my two cents, my opinion, my perspective, my truth. When given the opportunity to speak about “anything you want to say” I spent two weeks in contemplation, refection and prayer. I wondered what is most important for me to say. What came is: What is most important for you to hear? I have been taught to be as clear and concise about what the question is that needs to be answered. It is extremely important for you to know who you are and where you come from and why you are here.

I am a simple man and only know what I have personally experienced, read or heard. I believe you can always ask for help from the Universe for your good health and happiness, peace and harmony. I know that the energy used for asking the question and receiving the answer is Love. Love is the energy that moves through the heart to create the place for the manifestation of good health and happiness (suma sil in Chumash). In my heart is the connection to all things and all dimensions, and it manifests as a spark, a light. It is from this place that I tell this story.

In the beginning, there was a sound, a vibration. I believe it was a love song of such immense energy of wind and breath that it created a spark, a light. I believe the evolution of that spark is at the heart of all matter. I believe the dust and light of the universe came from and is part of that spark, created by a mysterious singer who has always been a Great Mystery. The love expressed in that song of creation comes from the wellspring of all consciousness. From the wellspring are emitted photons of light that will become galaxies, solar systems, planets, beings.

Our beautiful Mother Earth came from that place as the desire to be the place of our birth as human beings, our home. She attracted star dust to take form and water to give life. We are made from the stardust collected by our Mother, and we carry her water with us. We are part of the Universe; part of the Whole—the One.

I have heard a story from the people who have been listening to the Mother. The story begins when everything on Mother Earth is complete and ready for human beings to arrive. Our Mother asked the supreme spiritual grandmothers and grandfathers for human beings to be given the same abilities as all the others already here, to reproduce and populate her body. Time and time again they said no, because we would have free will, and we would be able to destroy her and cause her great heartache. Finally, our Mother pleaded and gave tribute of such immensity that permission was given with the understanding that we would take care of her and all who reside here.

We have received many gifts throughout our evolution, including instructions for keeping peace and harmony for everyone here. The instructions are simple: Listen to the Mother and follow the laws of Nature and the Universe. Always ask permission and give tribute – gifts – in exchange for taking what you need. Always give back an amount of energy equal to or greater than what you receive in order to keep the balance of energy necessary for peace and harmony. This is the  law of reciprocity. Take care of the Elementals and remember: whatever you do to the water, air, earth and fire you do to yourself. We are in interactive, interdependent, symbiotic relationship with our Mother and all life. What befalls the Mother befalls the children. Everything we think (intend), say (write), or do (action) affects the whole – the One.

Thank you to all the people around the world who have been doing the work to keep the peace and harmony of the planet through ceremony, teaching, and tribute to the beings who help us all throughout time. They deserve our generosity and gratitude for what they do.

Now it is time to exercise our authority to take care of our Mother Earth. We have always had the ability to make choices; that is free will. We can choose the best path for the greatest good of all or we can choose the path that is for ourselves only. This awareness, that we can chose our path as givers or takers, is at the heart of bringing peace and harmony and balance back to our world. There has been too much taking from our Mother Earth without asking, without tribute, and without reciprocity. This has created an imbalance of energy that is at the heart of disharmony, dis-ease, and chaos around the world, and within the Mother Earth. A symbol for this taking is the stock exchanges around the world. The measurement of the value we have placed for those things that have been made from the body and blood of our Mother Earth.

The questions that came from the spirit world through the Grandmothers’ Lodge in Greenland in 2009: Earth people (indigenous) believe you cannot own the Earth; how then to distribute equitably the abundance (resources) of the Mother Earth? What is the spiritual significance of the melting of the ice? (What messages are in the waters around the world?) These are questions for us all to answer—individually and collectively.

I am asking everyone who will hear these words to take action to help bring the Earth and all people back into balance and create peace and harmony on and with the Earth. Remember that everything you think must be guided by good intentions to help the greatest good for all beings. Remember to think before you speak because you will be affecting the whole – the One. Remember to use the best language, the best words: do your words give comfort, are they nurturing, beautiful, supportive? Remember that every action you take can be the beginning of positive transformation for yourself and everyone: each of us is part of the Whole – the One.

In this moment, I would remind you that as the caretakers of Mother Earth, you have the authority and responsibility to give your voice and action to help heal the Earth and all people. Together as one unified voice acting together we can bring peace and harmony back to Earth. We must forgive ourselves, our ancestors, and each other for all the misunderstanding, confusion, chaos, disharmony, and disease created and perpetuated by ourselves and our ancestors. We must embrace each other as true brothers and sisters from the same Mother and love each other unconditionally.

I am hopeful that as we forgive and embrace each other, our relationships will be healed. I pray that each of us is in good relations with self, partners, families, communities, and the world.

Suma Sil – (health and happiness)

Meta Tantay (walk in peace – be the expression of peace)

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