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Cindy Williams Gutiérrez | The Names of Forgotten Women

Columbia Gorge Dance Card  Even the noble pine cannot resist the wind’s advances. With uneven breath, he curls along her stoic spine, refusing no for an answer. No question he’s notorious in dance circles on the Columbia. Milonga campera—titillating tango: Gorge wind leads, faithless fir cuts in—follows. A sea of lithe, green lines. Gusty tempo and her branches sway, sashay until spiked cones slip off like lusty stilettos. The ardor […]

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Sparrow | Goodbye, Patriarchy

It’s like the French Revolution. One by one, prominent men are wheeled out to the guillotine and dispatched. Of course, the present-day “deaths” are metaphorical. Garrison Keillor is still alive, just out of sight. But “Garrison Keillor,” the charming, folksy, self-deprecating Midwestern humorist, is dead. As is “Harvey Weinstein,” the brash, 1930s-style film mogul. Some of these decapitations are as swift as an ATM transaction. TV journalist Charlie Rose disappeared […]

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Ellen Woods | Taking charge

In 2007 my daughter Lulu surprised the family by joining the Army. She was eighteen and had already been accepted at Cal State Monterey. Lulu told me that her father and stepmother insisted that she go to college; they were vehemently opposed to the army. Her dad and I hadn’t made any joint decisions since he remarried when Lulu was four years old. I fully supported Lulu’s decision though it […]

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Joe Cottonwood | If wood is a woman

If wood is a woman this plank is Marilyn Monroe. Carpenters lust, none can master voluptuous curves of grain. Sandpaper roughens. Sawdust smells of musk. From simple sapling of unforgiving forest, seizing daylight she grew to glory. Soft wood, stained blonde, absorbed too much. The cabinetmaker looks pathetic. Passing hand to hand, shop to shop, in her presence all others are shabby. Lacquer shields her as if behind glass, a […]

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