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Janet McCann | Death poems

ON THE WAY TO THE OFFICE every morning crossing campus I walk between the two tall buildings where two deaths happened just months ago one a suicide, one possibly an accident and I can’t look at the tops of the buildings from which two men descended through the air nor do I want to walk too close to those walls buildings absorb what happens there at night as the walls […]

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Ginge Shontell | In-between

The country I live in is called In-Between Everything now so different — though my cats are still here, my overgrown yard, my husband, the trees, the rocks, the star wanderers in their constant canopy, a kinship with limitless light Three years ago I was happy and well When a bump, a lump grew out of control surgery, radiation, chemo no point of orientation staring at oblivion, white as the […]

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Emily Levine | How I made friends with reality–and peace with death

In this TED talk from April 2018, comedienne Emily Levine shares with us her journey to make friends with reality — and peace with death. Life is an enormous gift, Levine says: “You enrich it as best you can, and then you give it back.”   Like what you’re reading? Please consider a contribution to keep The MOON shining. Click here to contribute via our secure PayPal link, or here for our Patreon page, […]

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Audrey Addison Williams

Audrey Addison Williams | I am dying

I remember a Facebook post several years ago by Eileen Workman that said, and I paraphrase, “Hospice is required to attend to that which is dying.” I am awake at 3:30, praying, reflecting, sending energy to all the world. There is so much grief and loss. Loss of a nation we were proud to identify with, despite her many moral shortcomings. Loss of civility, decency, and human connection. Loss of […]

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