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J.D. Michaels | Duty

When James was in high school, his father had been called up to Iraq from the California National Guard and then returned with a head trauma no one could see but everyone could feel. The painkiller-fueled descent that followed ripped the earth open under James like a gaping mouth and introduced him to an empty space that he thought must be adulthood. His father had left as a mighty pine, […]

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The power of one | MOON Shine

“The question we need to ask ourselves is not, Can one person make a difference? Each and every one of us does make a difference. It is actually impossible to not make a difference. So the question we need to ask ourselves is: What kind of a difference do I want to make?” – Julia Butterfly Hill “Each of your actions, even your personal, secret struggles, has cosmic significance. …Everything you do matters… You are everything. […]

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John Betton | Filmmaker

A little boy, kneeling on a chair at a kitchen table coloring, asks in accented English, “Where’s Momma? I want to see her. When’s she coming home?” His voice is straightforward, a bit demanding, but no different than any child wanting something missing. The camera brings in his drawing, shows his fingers grasping a crayon. He makes strokes of black, hair surrounding a narrow face. Camera backs to a long […]

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Paul Lamb | Twice blest

A gentle rain was falling, but he hadn’t noticed until he rose with the baby. But then he could hear it, could see it dripping over the leaf-clogged gutters outside the window. Mostly, though, he saw the black night outside. No light at that unholy hour. “You’re wearing out your mother, kid!” His words just above a whisper. “She can’t keep getting up, so you’re stuck with me.” And I’m […]

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