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Philomena van Rijswijk | To her mother’s country

The old road was lined with white heath. At first, Florette had called it Erica and would hold it up to the children’s ears to shake the dry taffeta bells. Sometimes, there was devil scat in the middle of the road. It had bones in it, and quickly grew a beard of white mold. The children called the growing mounds Old Man’s Whiskers, and somehow got the idea mixed up […]

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Alan Walowitz | Dream of the rag man

When I rolled up to the light on 96th and the River, the old man waited, rag in hand, and bent hard over the windshield. Did my father ever treat my ass with the care this stranger bestows? He blows a kiss on it and strokes it with the corner of his shirt. I lean on the horn and holler: I have places to go–with reservations, in fancy restaurants, with […]

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Laura Grace Weldon

Laura Grace Weldon | Everywhere stars

The weary face behind her in the bathroom mirror startled Lia. Her mother usually slept in after a late shift at the bowling alley. “Don’t go getting any big ideas,” her mother’s reflection said.  “Uh huh,” Lia answered. Lia’s morning routine, bathroom to hallway to kitchen, was slowed by her bathrobed mother who exhaled loudly in irritation at each contact. Finally her mother lit the first cigarette of the day, […]

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Janet Reed | Everyday soul

Hit from Behind For Robin I do not know the torque required to break a human bone or the geometry of angles a body absorbs before it bends if force that snaps a back or severs a spine is an equation or probability. When I whined about my clutter, laundry overflowing its baskets the spillage of my wasteful self spoiling in crispers and cabinets, I was not thinking of collision, […]

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