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Laura Golden | Lesson One

Costa Rica Already the straps of Alejandro’s backpack dig into his skin through his sweat-soaked shirt, but he doesn’t bother to shift the forty-pound bag of cement powder inside. What would be the point? They have at least another eight hours to trudge today, and again tomorrow, and possibly the next day, depending how well his unaccustomed crew holds up and how muddy the trail is beyond the river. Better […]

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Bill Vernon | On a symbol of time

The canoes were bumping each other, 15 of them shifting with the current, crowded together behind the starting line, which was a white rope strung 20 feet up from one sycamore to another on the opposite bank. Dave in the back of our canoe had jammed his wide racing paddle among rocks on the bottom, anchoring us so we didn’t move forward but hovered, fluttering more or less in place […]

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Women are the first environment | An interview with Mohawk elder Katsi Cook

Tekatsi’ tsiah:khwa Katsi Cook (Wolf Clan) is an Elder Mohawk grandmother and midwife who has led her people in a wide array of initiatives at the intersection of women’s reproductive health issues and environmental justice. Katsi initiated the Akwesasne Mother’s Milk Project in 1981 to monitor and document levels of PCBs and other industrial pollutants in the breast milk of Mohawk mothers living near the St. Lawrence River. A midwife […]

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I’m here to share facts | An interview with Supaman

Native rapper and fancy dancer Christian Parrish Takes the Gun talks about his responsibility as a Native artist–to educate–but always with humor and love. “I want people to leave my concerts feeling good; feeling better than when they came.” Having experienced three of his concerts I can affirm that they do. Sharing is caring:

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