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Paul Lewellan | The after prom event

After chaperoning the junior/senior prom, I escaped to the Hilltop Diner in lieu of going back to my empty condo. Occupying my usual table next to the wheezing room air conditioner was Savannah Crosby, the owner’s daughter. She wore the same strapless prom dress with gold brocade that she’d worn to prom. Savannah began waiting tables when she was twelve so we knew each other well. Every night for the […]

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Robert Pope | Agnar in Akron

I conversed with Mr. Ferguson Hedley online, through his blog, for months before I met him in person. I came upon the blog one afternoon surfing the web and stopped because of his wild, crude illustrations. The more I have gotten used to them, however, I understand they are not wild and crude at all, but so precise as to look distorted. I had to get to work but wanted […]

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Emilio Iasiello | Selected poems

Retelling the Story Because my mother taught little and what she taught I did not believe, I decided to take matters into my own hands; saved the money from Christmas, walked down the road forbidden me to travel, past the peep shows, the strippers, past the bruised faces of the drunks, straight to the lady on the corner– fishnet, leather, makeup thick as icing. Her room was small and angular; […]

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Beyond words | Healing communication

“Think vibrations. Think waves. You do not need words to communicate. All of nature, all animals, can and do communicate wordlessly, humans included. Release your dependence on the spoken word, the written word, the conceptual word, and aim to know what is being communicated. Pay more attention to feeling and knowing. You can communicate quite well with those who do not speak your own language, for in fact you are all radiating the same basic […]

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