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June MOON Shine

“It is of interest to note that while some dolphins are reported to have learned English—more than fifty words used in correct context—no human being has been reported to have learned Dolphinese.” – Carl Sagan “Joe and Rosalie were two adolescent wild dolphins captured for the Human/Dolphin Foundation experiments. Dr. Lilly showed us some home movies of their capture, which they made absolutely no attempt to avoid. They were completely […]

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Rupert Sheldrake | Animal telepathy and the morphic field

For many years animal trainers, pet owners and naturalists have reported various kinds of perceptiveness in animals that suggest the existence of psychic powers—or at the very least, powers that are not well-developed in humans. Since 1994, with the help of hundreds of animal trainers, shepherds, veterinarians, and pet and service dog owners, I have been investigating some of these unexplained animal powers. The most common form of seemingly telepathic […]

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Leslee Goodman | Chicken Consciousness

I’ve lived most of my life with a chicken superiority complex. Largely because I have an opposable thumb and—on a good day—a higher IQ than my Buff Orpington and Barred Rock hens, compounded by the fact that I “own” these chickens, I’ve considered myself superior. I’ve justified eating their kind because they’re “dumb” animals—not just mute, but intellectually inferior to myself and other animals, probably just above fish, which congregate […]

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