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Lenore Stiffarm: Reflections from Dry Lake

It is night time in the winter at Dry Lake. There is a full moon out. We are riding through the snow. Dad has hooked up the team of horses, Prince and Cooney, to the sleigh. Blankets are thrown on top of us. It is as if we are floating through the field. We can see our breath in the moonlight. It is cold, but we are warm. There is […]

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Lenore Stiffarm: So that you will know

My Dad, a hock nak, which means the rock, always said, “As Indians, we never give up. Keep going. Keep our family strong. Be good to one another. Care for one another. Get an education. Stand together. Keep your land. Don’t plow it up. Never ask for a hand out. Don’t hang around the Fort. When someone is having good things happen for her/him, put aside your feelings and go […]

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Pablo Amaringo

Plant spirit shamanism

Since nothing is so secret or hidden that it cannot be revealed, everything depends on the discovery of those things which manifest the hidden…He who wishes to explore Nature must tread her books with his feet.  — Paracelsus One concept that underlies all work with plants is that Nature herself will tell you what a plant is used for.  And Nature’s well-stocked medicine cabinet is right in front of you […]

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Bilawara Lee: Star Dreaming

My name is Bilawara; it means the red-tailed black cockatoo. I am an Elder of the Larrakia Nation of Darwin Northern Territory, Australia. I am the eldest of 11, with seven brothers and three sisters. I have three children and eight grandchildren. I have over 62 years of experience working, living and being part of a vibrant Aboriginal family and community. I am acknowledged and respected as a community communicator […]

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