Judith Prager | A shaman’s invocation and other poems

A Shaman’s Invocation

In the infinite universe
there is always more.

Give me that more,
That I may blaze with it
Like a raucous fountain
Like a riotous volcano

Endlessly elaborate infinity

Embellish the known
Illuminating the secret
Specifying the sacred
Whispering the obvious
To make me listen
— Differently

What is familiar, make more subtle
What is jagged, make round
…and the reverse.

Rehearse the elusive
Until I am so aware,
I cannot fail to hear
the pulse through my veins
like molten lava

Of the
more that I am.


An Equal and Opposite Reflection

The blunt edge of day, the soft curve of eve
Every action of the declining sun
Inspiring an
equal and opposite reflection in the full-blown moon.

Like the juggler in the Tarot I stand,
Infinity between my palms, one globe over each glove as they rise
and set
the music of the cycles circling my fool’s head,
The cymbals of the Universe open wide before clashing.

Winter and Summer,
Vibrant to beat the band
And showy,
…Brass orange and gold.
And secretive,
…Stark silver and white.

Silent, amid the symphony of the spheres,
I practice my arts, call in comets and stars
Planets and rays,
reflecting the eternal dance of contrasts.

Every glow an ancient energy
in the dance of

Judith Simon Prager, Ph.D., is a longtime instructor in the UCLA Ext. Writers’ Program, a novelist, non-fiction writer, therapist and energy healer. Her most recent book is What The Dolphin Said, about altruism, consciousness and the new children arriving in the world.Her website is judithprager.com


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