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Puloma Mukherjee | Sandfall

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was supposed to have rained the night before and into the morning, but I couldn’t tell from my apartment. The only windows faced my neighbors’ only windows, and the outer walls of our apartments formed a dingy, square enclosure that opened up to a small patch of sky up at the top. Sharp, angular rays sometimes peered in at mid-day through […]

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Leea Glasheen | Mangrove trunk

A CRUSHED BUDWEISER CAN smacked Tenny above his left ear. Beer splattered onto his shoulder. “Wuss! It’s a frigging turtle.  What do you care?” Huge grabbed a cold one. “Knock it off, both a yous!” Their dad pelted a second red and white can at Tenny’s head. “You should know better’n pick a fight with your brother. Least til you grow a bit, or a pair.” “Grow something so you […]

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Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen | A world of make-believe

We live in a world of make-believe. Think of it as a little game–the only problem being that the repercussions are real. Bang! Bang! You’re dead–only the other person doesn’t get up. My father, in order to rationalize his behavior, had to live in a world of make-believe. He had to make us believe that the beatings and rapes made sense, that all was as it should, and must, be. […]

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Gerald Stanek | Trust

I have seen them, in a fashion they are similar to us, but different their bodies, their eyes, the way they move huge, powerful — I understand, now these rumors that they are gods I remain skeptical   sometimes it strikes me, though not divine they are master teachers, gurus I observe them carefully as they carry on commanding tremendous forces with such ease I seek to emulate what I […]

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