The Wonder of Boys | The Mask You Live In

The Mask You Live In   

The Representation Project is a movement that uses film and media content to expose injustices created by gender stereotypes and to shift people’s consciousness towards change. The Representation Project gained acclaim with Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s 2011 film, Miss Representation, which highlighted and challenged the limiting depictions of women in the media and our larger culture.

Even while making Miss Representation, the film, Newsom knew that exposing and challenging the gender injustices that limit girls and women in our culture was only half the story. She knew that we couldn’t move toward real cultural change without also exposing and challenging the damaging masculinity narrative that is fed to our boys and men. The Mask You Live In is her film to balance the scales.

According to the Representation Project’s research, boys in the U.S. are more likely to be diagnosed with a behavior disorder, prescribed stimulant medications, fail out of school, binge drink, commit a violent crime, and/or take their own lives. The Mask You Live In asks: As a society, how are we failing our boys?