The future is quantum | An interview with Lee Carroll

Carroll: Kryon tells us that “Politics is our own karma and growth,” but in one channeling session he admonished the USA to build one less submarine and fund a “Department of Compassion,” which would be able to accurately vet those coming to our shores as refugees. This is what he says is missing in all our governments – an acknowledgement that compassion should be part of our leadership. It would greatly change what we do for our own citizens and for the planet.

The MOON: I love how Kryon explains quantum science—in a way that even I can understand [laughs]—and also because he makes claims about scientific phenomena that can then be tested and verified. Will you share some of them?

Carroll: Well, for example, on occasion Kryon has used the example of Henry and Mary, two stick figures drawn on a piece of paper. The flat, two-dimensionality of their lives is all they have ever known, and they are pleased with it. Along comes a character who has been drawn a little differently and begins to tell them about the potential of a third dimension. He speaks of 3D instead of 2D. Henry and Mary don’t really know what to do with this information: they can’t experience it, or test it; it’s beyond their abilities. To them it’s simply conjecture and not something that impacts their lives—or even exists.

Kryon then asks how many laws of physics would 2D characters understand? Their laws of physics would naturally be just enough to satisfy 2D reality. That is the situation humanity currently finds itself in. Physicists have identified four laws of physics, which are adequate to explain 3D reality for the most part. But Kryon says there are actually six laws of physics. The other two describe interdimensional reality. Physicists are beginning to question their models because they are encountering phenomena like black holes, or the movement of the galaxies, which defy their understanding of the universe.

For example, our solar system works in accordance with the laws of physics as Newton described them. Objects that are closer to the sun move through their orbits more quickly than the outer planets move through theirs because the gravitational pull of the sun weakens with distance. This observation gives rise to the rules scientists have discovered for gravity, mass, distance and speed. And the rules are correct…for 3D. They are sufficient to enable us to send spacecraft to the planets, to meet them in orbit, to take pictures and analyze them.

But then an astronomer named Vera Rubin noticed that the spiral galaxies don’t move that way. They don’t follow those rules. Everything in the galaxy moves together, as if all the stars and solar systems were glued to a rotating plate. This defies the basic laws of gravity and force. It defies the simple, biased, singular attributes of the way things move in space. Everything in our galaxy rotates at the same speed, relative to the center.

Kryon says the explanation lies at the center of the galaxy. Scientists believe the center of the galaxy—of all galaxies—is a black hole, but Kryon says that’s not correct. Rather, at the center of every galaxy are “the twins,” a weak and a strong interdimensional force; one pushes and one pulls. We assume the gravity of the black hole is somehow gripping the galaxy spiral and making it spin like a big dish in a way that violates all the laws of Newton and Keppler.

Kryon says that what is actually happening in the center of our galaxy is an elegant interdimensional force that is beyond gravity, which spreads through the entire galaxy and glues it together in a way that we do not have laws to explain… yet. He says that weak and strong interdimensional forces are the undiscovered fifth and sixth laws of physics. He also says that when we step into interdimensional physics, and this includes the energies of what we call spirituality, we will find consciousness… physics with an attitude. The inter-dimensionality of our galactic center has consciousness. As Kryon say, it has to. Anything interdimensional is aligned with creation.

The MOON: That’s a lot to process.

Carroll: It is. Imagine how I felt channeling it for the first time. [Laughs] Makes you feel like Henry or Mary. But Kryon gives extensive and repeated explanations of these phenomena, for those who are interested. The information is available in the Kryon books, and much of it is also available for free on the Kryon website. Just Google any subject you want to hear more about. Chances are there’s an audio tape or a transcription.

The MOON: Some scientists tell us the Earth is now in its sixth major extinction event; we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the Earth four times over; and the U.S. has just elected a president who thinks we need to restart the nuclear arms race, even though nuclear weapons are not the only way we could destroy life on Earth. Does Kryon have anything to say about our most recent election? Has he changed his mind about our chances for survival?

Carroll: Regarding the sixth major extinction, Kryon says that some of the species are disappearing in ways that are appropriate. However some of the changes are the result of greed, materialism, low consciousness, the destruction of our environment. These losses are inappropriate; they are the result of human actions that are not in integrity; and the result is that all over the world we have people speaking up about it. Kryon says repeatedly, “Don’t expect the future to be a repeat of the past.” Humanity’s shift in consciousness is relatively new. We’re going to start recognizing the interconnectedness of all things; we’re going to start caring about what happens all over the planet; and that’s going to make a difference in our actions. You and I are impatient, because we’ve been waiting for the shift all our lives perhaps. We’re also compassionate people and we want all life to remain.

Regarding this election, many spiritual people were at a loss. They didn’t want to participate because they felt that both candidates represented old energy. Kryon encouraged them to choose. As I’ve said, our choices are important; the Earth registers them in the magnetic grid, esoterically called the Akash. He further encouraged people to vote for the most transformational candidate. For some that meant the president-elect, because he would stir things up. For others that meant Clinton, because she would not toss out the progress that has been made in areas like human rights, women’s rights, environmental protection, and so on.

Kryon has indicated that the new president is an expected wild card, like the collapse of the Soviet Union. Kryon also says not to jump to conclusions, because “it’s not done yet,” indicating there might be other unexpected events coming, too.

One thing that has already become apparent: the election has galvanized people who were sitting on the sidelines. This is good. This accelerates the evolutionary process.

Kryon also drew our attention to the numerology of the election, which took place in 2016. In numerology, 2016 adds up to the number 9 (2+0+1+6 = 9), the number of completion. The election resulted in our 45th president—also a number 9, the number of completion. Two nines together add up to 18—another nine.

Isn’t it interesting about all those nines together? Kryon suggests that it truly means the end of something is here. Perhaps it’s the end of the old way things were done. Perhaps it’s a shake-up of the system so it can correct itself. But he also warns us not to be too quick to jump to conclusions about where we’re headed, because other wild cards—events no one predicted—are on their way. However, he also points out that 2017 is a “one” year (2+0+1+7=10=1), which signifies new beginnings. So the 2016 election signified the completion of one cycle and some kind of new beginning.

Kryon likens it to a big stick being inserted into what is normal and says the stick is going to be turned. As the big stick turns, other things will respond that never would have responded otherwise. Kryon advises us to relax with upcoming wild cards. They do what they do on purpose so that we will have a better civilization in the future. Sometimes they show us what won’t work, and sometimes they change paradigms that would have never changed otherwise. But what we have now is a profound wild card. That is the message.

Kryon has repeatedly said several things that bear remembering. One is that the old energy will not die quietly. This is to be expected. People who have been in control—of everything! Resources, money, people—will not give it up without a fight. But Kryon has also said that dark energy is dysfunctional. It is not very smart. It does not see what is coming. He likens it to someone hitting a beehive with a stick, thinking to scare the bees into submission. Instead, every time it does this it exposes itself for what it is and unites the bees.

Third, we have allies and resources we’re not used to recognizing. One of these is the Indigo children—those born in the last 20-30 years—who come in with greater access to “who they are” from previous incarnations, with greater awareness and compassion, who see the world very differently than previous generations did. They don’t have much patience for the old energy. They’re ready to get on with it!

Another resource is the Earth’s magnetic grid itself, which is what Kryon has been talking about since 1989. It has been recalibrated to give greater weight to compassionate energies and actions. Love is stronger than fear or hate. Haven’t we seen that demonstrated in the rise of Nelson Mandela from political prisoner to South Africa’s president? The same thing happened in Burma, now Myanmar, in the person of Aung San Suu Kyi, who went from political prisoner to head of state. This is a high vibrational power at work. It reflects a change in consciousness of many, many humans. Those of low vibration, even with abundance and seeming endless power, will fade and fail, as the truth comes out. The critical mass of consciousness will have discernment and make the decisions, and those who cower in secret and conspiracy will fail. This is good news, indeed, and it’s under way.

I can share some of the other specific events Kryon has foretold based on the shifts in human consciousness he has seen. One is that big Pharma will fail. They’ve put profit over human lives and suffering, and they will be exposed and their paradigm shifted. Another is that centralized electric power will become a thing of the past. We’ll have decentralized electric generation, which will mean no more power black-outs or reliance on a single grid, or reliance on fossil fuels.

Human population will stabilize. As people understand their impact on the Earth, resources are shared more equitably, and women have control over their fertility, growth rates will drop and population will even decline in some areas—by choice, not catastrophe.

Kryon also says we will develop technology that will enable us to see multidimensional fields, such as magnetic fields. He’s even given hints to astronomers as to what might be the physics to make this work, and how to attach the technology to telescopes of the future. When that happens we’ll understand that the atmosphere is alive. The rocks are alive. We’ll point the telescope at something like a rainforest and stand back in awe because we’ll see there is so much multi-dimensional life there. We’ll finally recognize that Gaia is alive and conscious; it knows who we are and is here to support us, and we should treat it accordingly

Finally, Kryon reminds us, repeatedly, don’t expect the future to be like the past. The magnetic grid has been recalibrated to give greater weight to compassionate energy and actions. The old energy will fight back, he says, but this time we should expect to win.


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  1. Jean Zellweger February 7, 2017 at 3:27 pm #

    Oh my God! Reading Carroll’s (Kryon’s words) filled me with such hope! The “hope”, the assurance about the planet that I had prior to the election. To be reassured that what is taking place is a part of the process the planet and its’ inhabitants are going through is of great relief for me. Thank you Moon. Thank you Mr Carroll.

  2. Angelique June 10, 2017 at 11:40 pm #

    Absolutely beautiful… I love Kryon’s messages… Thank you…

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