The future is quantum | An interview with Lee Carroll

Carroll: I’ve touched on it already. Consciousness is in everything. Gaia is conscious. She is alive and responsive to us. Kryon frequently tells us that consciousness changes physics; consciousness changes matter. In fact, Gaia consists of the planet and its life forms; we are one unit. Gaia not only loves us; she responds to our love in return.

The indigenous peoples understood this relationship. They enhanced it through celebration, honor, ceremony, and reciprocity—the importance of giving back. Kryon says that a major part of our current consciousness shift involves recognizing and returning to the wisdom of indigenous people.

Kryon says that Gaia and humanity are partners. This should not be so difficult for us to accept. We’ve seen that consciousness can change the structure of crystals. There are crystals in the dirt, in each grain of sand. There is energy in water, and in fire, in all the elements. When you walk on the Earth, appreciate it. The Earth registers that frequency and responds. Appreciate the trees, the sky, all of the elements that surround and support you. When you sit in prayer, bless the Earth, the oceans, the forests, and all the creatures living there. Honor them for their contribution. That is the way of the indigenous, who pray for “the four-legged, the creepy-crawlies, the finned and feathered ones, all my relations.”

People ask, “Is Kryon saying we can control the weather?” and he says, “No, but you can control the energy around you, and the weather will respond to it.” Just as we don’t normally exercise conscious control over our heartbeat, we have learned that if we change our consciousness—through meditation, or biofeedback, or listening to music, or getting excited about something—our hearts will respond. Kryon says it is the same with the physics of the planet, for the Earth recognizes the intent of the Human Being! Our intent is magnified when we focus it together. Kryon encourages us to recognize and utilize this power, rather than assume that governments, economics, or other external forces—even the weather—control everything. They don’t! The Court of World Opinion is very powerful—and “world opinion” is another name for “human intent.”

Compassion is the answer—not just for how we can heal the Earth, but the first step in solving all of our problems. We need to become more compassionate individuals. It’s not that difficult. I used to be a guy whose buttons were easily pressed. I’d get angry about all kinds of things—politics, traffic, things not going the way I wanted. This is all gone. It’s gone because I wanted to change. It’s gone because I’m immersed so often in the loving energy of Kryon, I wanted to be more compassionate, as well. Suddenly it was almost like my brain and heart aligned, and I began to soften. It’s gotten to the point where someone can call me a name, or flip me a gesture, and I don’t even get a ripple of reaction. I just feel sorry they’re having a bad day.

When you start to recognize that consciousness is in everything, you grasp the literal truth of the expression, Namaste, which means, the God in me honors the God in you. As more and more of us live from this place of compassion, we not only treat the Earth and each other differently, the Earth responds. It’s like when you go home for the holidays and, instead of engaging in the usual conflict and drama with your relatives, you just love them. Pretty soon, everyone relaxes and the whole atmosphere changes.

I’m a world traveler. I’ve channeled Kryon in places you might not think would be interested in metaphysics, such as Moscow, where I’ve been eight times, or Istanbul, or the Middle East; places where people are supposedly our “enemies,” or where we have other judgments about them. But no matter where I go, people everywhere respond to compassion. They want a peaceful planet. They want a good life for their children.

Sixty or seventy years ago the nations of the world were quick to take offense and go to war. This is starting to shift. Take a look at the European Union, founded 23 years ago as a political entity—and before that as a trade organization. All the former enemies in Europe got together and said let’s get along. And they did. It might not have worked perfectly, and people are panicking now because Great Britain voted to pull out of the EU last year. But all that really means is that the system needs fine-tuning. The larger accomplishment is that for over 70 years the nations of Europe did the unthinkable—they didn’t go to war against each other.

Look at humanity’s response to the refugee crisis. People all over the world saw the image of the dead child washed up on the beach and said, collectively, “We can’t allow this! We can’t just turn them away, or let them drown, or allow them to be killed at the border.” This was new. This is a brand new idea in human history. And this more compassionate sense of our connectivity is not only good for humanity; it’s helping our planet.

Look at the changes Pope Francis has made very quickly in the Catholic Church and on the world stage. Kryon told us in 2012 we were going to have a new pope, and 13 months later we got one. Pope Francis has represented a nearly 180-degree shift from his predecessor. Kryon points out that this was not prophecy, but rather a potential. Those in interdimensional reality saw it coming because they have the overview and knew of the anxiety of the existing pope, the health of the man, and also of the potentials for a South American pope to come forward. And he did.

Of course the internet is a big part of the shift because everyone is able to talk to everybody, instantly. One of the things Kryon said early on was that when everybody talks to everybody there can be no more secrets. We’re starting to see this. At first it’s shocking to find out all the terrible things that are going on. But that’s the catalyst for people to get together and say, “Look, here’s what we want, and here’s what we don’t want.” It’s going to take a while for the mainstream media to reflect that shift because they’re heavily invested in drama and fear, and make a lot of money off of it. But people are starting to look away because they’re so disgusted. Eventually, that will prompt a shift. Governments will behave criminally and people all over the world will say, “Oh, how 1930s of you.”

I’m a senior. I went through the Cold War, which followed World Wars One and Two. Everyone was braced for World War Three—which would have been nuclear, which would have essentially terminated the human race. But then the Soviet Union disintegrated, without a war. It literally ceased to exist in the 1980s. This was what Kryon calls a “wild card” that really paved the way for us to go through this shift. Instead of destroying ourselves, we’re graduating into a new level of consciousness.

Yes, there are a few countries still holding out in the old energy. And we have some transnational actors who are fomenting conflict and fueling wars because they profit from them. There’s a peaceful solution to this problem though: transparent international forensic accounting. When people see who is paying for wars—and who is profiting from them—they will rise up to put an end to it.

Yes, we still have problems and issues, which Kryon has warned us will be the case. The old energy dies hard. It dies kicking and screaming. A lot of “spiritual” people want to “rise above” the chaos and disengage, but Kryon says it’s important for us to stay present and to choose. The Earth registers our choice. Our intentions pave the way for the future.

Part of the problem is that we don’t live long enough. If you could interview my great grandfather, you would realize how dramatically the world has changed—for the better!—since in his lifetime.

Kryon says that it’s going to take two more full generations before we really can appreciate the changes that are under way right now, but by that point the planet will actually be on the way to having a Planetary Peace Day. Humanity will realize what they’ve done and celebrate a change of consciousness. There’ll even be a flag for it. We’re just at the beginning of this dramatic shift.

The MOON: What does Kryon say about the role of the United States? You know, we spend nearly double what our nearest rival (China) does on “defense.” We’re the only country with 700-800 military bases around the world; the only country to have used nuclear weapons in war; we’ve got the most nuclear weapons; we’ve unilaterally declared war on other countries; we pursue “regime change” as foreign policy, despite professing to believe in “self-determination,” and a 2014 world poll named the USA as the world’s biggest threat to peace. What does Kryon say?



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2 Responses to The future is quantum | An interview with Lee Carroll

  1. Jean Zellweger February 7, 2017 at 3:27 pm #

    Oh my God! Reading Carroll’s (Kryon’s words) filled me with such hope! The “hope”, the assurance about the planet that I had prior to the election. To be reassured that what is taking place is a part of the process the planet and its’ inhabitants are going through is of great relief for me. Thank you Moon. Thank you Mr Carroll.

  2. Angelique June 10, 2017 at 11:40 pm #

    Absolutely beautiful… I love Kryon’s messages… Thank you…

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