The future is quantum | An interview with Lee Carroll

One more point about magnetics: Kryon says we have absolutely enormous raw power resources in the magnetic fields of our planet. All the energy we’ll ever need is there, as well as the secret of massless objects using the magnetic grids. But Kryon says we will not be able to understand how to tap this power with only three-dimensional science; it must be quantum science balanced with spirituality. Moreover, we won’t be permitted to develop these resources until we evolve our consciousness—our compassion, our ability to love—so that we won’t immediately weaponize them.

The MOON: This is “the quantum issue” of The MOON, but quantum has several meanings. How does Kryon use it?

Carroll: Kryon uses the term “quantum” to mean “multidimensional” and also to refer to energies that are responsive to attention—particularly human attention. Physicists commonly referred to this as “the observer effect,” from the famous experiment—duplicated many times—that light responds differently when observed—and the greater the amount of observation, the greater the influence. Much of Kryon’s message involves getting humans to realize how much influence we have over physical circumstances and conditions. This is a quantum attribute.

One of the things I’m most excited about is Kryon’s explanations of the quantum attributes in our own DNA. Geneticists have identified the roles played by most of our DNA, which either encode proteins, or have other biological functions. However, there are components of DNA whose role science has not yet been able to determine. These were at one point labeled “junk DNA,” but Kryon says this portion of our DNA has multidimensional, quantum attributes, and also contains the blueprint of the perfect human, the blueprint of  your divinity.  Kryon will explain this in his next book, but a partially quantum DNA implies that we can do quantum things like slow our aging, heal ourselves, regenerate limbs as starfish do, see our own magnetic fields, or auras, and so on.

Kryon isn’t the only one talking about quantum attributes, or quantum possibilities, in this way. I’ve already mentioned the Global Coherence Initiative, a project of the HeartMath Institute, which examines all kinds of evidence including the fact that there’s a huge magnetic field around our heart. It’s something like 100 times the field around our brain.

Magnetic fields are malleable; they’re sensitive to energy; they also create a field. Kryon says that the overlapping magnetic fields of the human create an energy field far larger than we’ve ever imagined. Dr. Joe Dispenza is another researcher in this area. He says that our genes are as malleable as our brains—they are always in flux and being influenced—and that our attention and intention influence both.

Researchers like these, along with Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Rupert Sheldrake are studying coherence, what they call “the Field,” which is more evidence of the shift that Kryon refers to. Across the globe, people are recognizing their connectedness, rather than warring over our differences. Kryon says that the magnetic grid, and other attributes of the planet, are designed to help us in this transition.

So this whole idea that humanity is developing an increased consciousness is starting to be validated from so many fields of endeavor, including physics. Kryon says that this is the result of humanity’s collective effort. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The MOON: One of the most mind-blowing things Kryon has said—repeatedly and from his first book—is that humanity “has turned a corner,” that we’re not going to blow ourselves up; we’re going to make it. Why does he think that?

Carroll: He says it is because of the “markers” humanity passed, culminating in the precession of the equinoxes that concluded in December 2012. The precession of the equinoxes is both an astronomical event and an esoteric one—because physics and spirituality are connected. Ancient civilizations were aware of this coming event. Many modern interpreters thought it signified the end of civilization. Kryon says that it could have: we could have had a third world war that would have destroyed the planet. But we didn’t. We developed more compassion. We recognized that we’re all connected. Not all of us have made this shift, obviously, but enough of us have. Kryon says this has literally changed the magnetic grid of the planet.

The Global Consciousness Project and the Heart Math Institute people have demonstrated this scientifically. They’ve noticed that every time a big event happens on the planet that prompts an outpouring of compassion—such as 9/11, or the tsunami in Japan, or the 33 miners trapped and rescued in Chile—satellites are able to pick it up. Thanks to modern communications technologies, this is the first time humanity has been able to witness a correlation between the consciousness of humanity and scientific evidence. One—compassion—drives the other. Helping humanity understand and make the most of this is the “magnetic service,” meaning “consciousness shift” Kryon is talking about. This enhances the term “magnetic master” for Kryon.

The MOON: Can you give us some examples of ways we’re pulling together, rather than pulling apart—because the pulling apart is pretty visible right now.

Carroll: In the scientific realm, we’re seeing “physics with an attitude”; physics that is not inert or passive, but is conscious. This new physics is not specific to a person. It’s not going to help you levitate. However, our collective changes are doing something to the field. It’s almost like when strings on nearby instruments begin to vibrate together to match the strongest tone. Or—and there’s a YouTube video that demonstrates this—when 32 metronomes in an experiment begin keeping time together. These are mechanical metronomes started on a table at different times, yet within three minutes they have synchronized completely. By the laws of Newtonian physics that’s impossible because each one is physically controlled by the laws of gravity, and they each have to speed up or slow down in order to come into unison—which is what they do. This is demonstration of a quantum attribute, of physics working towards harmony. Kryon is drawing our attention to this capability so that we will take advantage of it.

In the spiritual realm, quantum energy is responsive to requests for help, particularly when humans align themselves to create a unified field. This is the subject of research by both the Global Consciousness Project and the Global Coherence Initiative. It is also the understanding behind of all of the global group meditations—many of them organized on the internet. These are important demonstrations because consciousness—which extends to the laws of physics—responds to humanity’s decision to love, rather than to be vindictive or fearful. Scientists call this phenomenon entrainment—as in the practice of entraining one’s brainwaves to a desired frequency. We call it The Field. The phenomenon is not new, but humanity is now starting to recognize its power and potentiality.

The MOON: I stumbled upon Kryon by accident, but learned in his first few books that human beings could heal the Earth by our consciousness. Please tell us more about that.



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  1. Jean Zellweger February 7, 2017 at 3:27 pm #

    Oh my God! Reading Carroll’s (Kryon’s words) filled me with such hope! The “hope”, the assurance about the planet that I had prior to the election. To be reassured that what is taking place is a part of the process the planet and its’ inhabitants are going through is of great relief for me. Thank you Moon. Thank you Mr Carroll.

  2. Angelique June 10, 2017 at 11:40 pm #

    Absolutely beautiful… I love Kryon’s messages… Thank you…

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