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Manuela Aparicio: Beautiful grandmother

Beautiful grandmother, Beautiful forever keeper of the earth, with a knowing of all that is of yesterday, today and of tomorrow. Beauty you have earned. Your spirit radiates in each of us, as you invite us to partake of your life. Of yesterday, of today and of tomorrow. Beautiful Grandmother, dressed in gowns bestowed upon your body, and your spirit. Your song forever will be sung by your children and […]

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David Krieger

David Krieger | Peace begins now

“It may seem naïve to think that Americans are ready to change course on issues of peace and disarmament, but as we talk, there is promising political support to put military spending on the table in order to move toward balancing the federal budget. Even more important, the public is realizing that nine years of war in Iraq and eleven years of war in Afghanistan have accomplished very little for […]

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