Bashir Richard | Where I’ve Been

Bashir-Richard_forwebI’ve been around the corner

Throwing rocks on the freeway

Staying on punishment even on a free day


I’ve been in the back of trap houses

Surrounded by artillery

My generation’s thirst for drugs

Put an ice cold chill in me


I’ve been in the principal’s office

Still cussin’ at the secretary

Interventions in the camera room

With security looking scary


I’ve been hanging out the window

On my wild wild west tip

Grew up in an area

Where you’re slipp’n if you don’t trip

A whole clip emptied on the sidewalk down the block

Took a bullet in the belly

And I still feel the aftershock


I’ve been in the middle of many war-torn streets

But the spots I want to remember

Have been laced with deep peace

Surrounded by shamans and visionary street poets

In a redwood forest

Where you’re lying if you don’t show it


Our tears make a river

That can carry killers home

So I’m swimming in that sadness

Cause I don’t wanna feel alone

You might say that I’m grown

But my life is just beginning

Every breath my body takes

Reminds me that I’m winning.



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