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Taylor-and-Son_forwebLife arrives with the sun

Bearing the gift of a new day

A boy sent to me by spirit

Touched by the bliss of a new age

Shift gears to a new page

Perspective all reaffirmed

Space open and held sacred

Like Mama’s remains in the urn

The longing in your eyes looks to me

For truth and dedication

So I’ll guide you with my heart

‘cuz my mind’s a mental patient

The medicine you’re destined to create

To help heal the world of men

Is already deep inside your bones

Your real journey lies within

Perfect I am not

Do not view me as divine

Just a humble man and father

Seeking peace through trying times

Your brother in the struggle

A link to a past generation

Take a deep breath my boy

The future needs your inspiration

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One Response to Taylor Maxie | Baby Healer

  1. leah June 26, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    Wonderful heartfelt words from a father welcoming the new spirit of his son, intergenerational, passing the torch, being the light through the darkness, I felt the power of love, and uncertainty and above all clarity in your new role as father.

    Thank you

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