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Maria Yraceburu  | Conscious partnership with Earth

A traditional indigenous relationship with Earth Mother and Creation is exactly that—a relationship. As an indigenous keeper of traditional wisdom, I am the result of generations of Holy Ones who worked in harmony with the entities of the Great Mystery…the unseen forces with whom we constantly exchange energy. My sense is that many of the people who are curious about a conscious partnership with the planet today have yet to […]

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Conscious partnership

This issue of The MOON explores conscious partnerships: relationships whose participants have explicitly come together to achieve a common purpose–grow spiritually, create an intentional community, solve a social problem, or—as in the case of our lead interview with Peter and Jennifer Buffett, create a world based on collaboration and partnership rather than domination and exploitation! In contemplating this issue, I was particularly interested in partners who have come together not necessarily […]

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Contributors to the January 2018 issue

Tiffany Lee Brown is a writer, editor, and interdisciplinary artist in Oregon. Her writing has appeared in Utne, Tin House, Slow Trains, Art Access, Oregon Humanities, the Northwest Edge anthologies, and various other places over the years. For more of her work, please visit Peter and Jennifer Buffett are the co-founders and co-directors of the NoVo Foundation, whose mission is foster a transformation from a world of domination and exploitation to one of […]

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