October 2017 contributors

Anna M. Alkin holds an M.A. in religion from Yale Divinity School. Her interest in spirituality, social justice, and the natural world has led her to work in Congress, spend four months on silent retreat in the Tucson desert, accompany a death row inmate to the end of his life, lead college students on multi-day pilgrimage experiences on the streets to learn from the homeless, and found LunaSol Farm on 14 acres just outside of Eugene, Oregon, where she and her family raise chickens, berries, and locally-adapted honeybees. She discovered shamanism more than a decade after leaving church and a career in ministry. In addition to beekeeping, boy-raising, and writing, Anna also serves as a shamanic spiritual guide for clients both near and far: www.gaiashamanism.com.

Devon Balwit has five chapbooks out or forthcoming: How the Blessed Travel (Maverick Duck Press); Forms Most Marvelous (dancing girl press); In Front of the Elements (Grey Borders Books), Where You Were Going Never Was (Grey Borders Books); and The Bow Must Bear the Brunt (Red Flag Poetry). Her work has been published both in print and on-line in places such as Psaltery & Lyre, In Layman’s Terms, In a Woman’s Voice, Poets Reading the News, The New Verse News, and more. She is on Facebook.

Rick Blum has been chronicling life’s vagaries, often with a humorous spin, for more than 25-years. His writings have appeared in Papercuts Magazine, Thought Notebook Journal, and The Boston Globe, among others. He is also a frequent contributor to the Humor Times, and has been published in numerous poetry anthologies. rickpblum@verizon.net

Joe Cottonwood is a frequent contributor to The MOON, thank God. He lives with his high school sweetheart in La Honda, California. JoeCottonwood.com.

Leslee Goodman is the publisher and editor of The MOON magazine.

Emily Reid Green’s poetry has appeared in Dying Dahlia Review, Khroma Magazine, The Ekphrastic Review, and Gravel. This past spring, she was a sponsored poet with Tiferet Journal. She lives with her family in Toledo, Ohio.

J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus is an award-winning radio broadcaster, author, and social justice, environmental and animal activist. She has been called a visionary and futurist and is, as well, a trans-species telepath who communicates with animals both wild and domestic. Zohara is well-known as a broadcasting personality, hosting numerous radio shows over the past 30 years, continuing with her husband Dr. Bob, to host 21stCenturyRadio since its founding in 1986. Zoh is also the author of The Future of Human Experience, Destiny Books 2013, Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets, The Seven Holy Women of Ancient Israel, Inner Traditions International, June 2008, and Sanctuary of the Divine Presence, Hebraic Rituals of Initiation and Illumination, Inner Traditions, 2012. Her most recent book is White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change

Linda Imbler is the author of the poetry collection Big Questions, Little Sleep. She has also been published by deadsnakes.blogspot.com, behappyzone.combluepepper.blogspot.com, buckoffmag.com, Fine Flu Journal, Bunbury Magazine, Blognostics, Nailpolish Stories, Broad River Review Literary Magazine, Mad Swirl, Ascent Aspirations: Friday’s Poems, Unbroken Journal, The Voices Project, GloMag, The Beautiful Space, and Zingara Poet. Online, she can be found at lindaspoetryblog.blogspot.com. A writer, yoga practitioner, and classical guitar player, she resides in Wichita, Kansas.

Joseph Murphy’s poetry has been published in a wide range of literary journals, including The Ann Arbor Review, Northwind and The Sugar House Review. He recently had collection of poems published, Crafting Wings (Scars Publications, 2017); his second collection, Having Lived, is forthcoming from Kelsay Books (2018). Murphy is also senior poetry editor for an online literary publication, Halfway Down the Stairs.

Judith Simon Prager is a longtime instructor in the UCLA Ext. Writers’ Program, a novelist, non-fiction writer, therapist and energy healer. Her most recent book is What The Dolphin Said, about altruism, consciousness and the new children arriving in the world.Her website is judithprager.com

Rennie Walker was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and spent many years being talked to by that land and its stories. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, Kathleen, and varying numbers of young and mostly old cats, each of whom has taught him something about the mystery of being alive. rennie@renniewalker.com

Alan Walowitz’s poems can be found on the web and off. He’s a contributing editor at Verse-Virtual, an online community journal of poetry, and teaches at Manhattanville College and St. John’s University. His chapbook, Exactly Like Love, was published by Osedax Press in 2016 and is now in its second printing. His poem, “The Story of the Milkman,” was featured in an article in The New York Times on April 16, 2017. See alanwalowitz.com for more information.

Hank Wesselman has had a distinguished career in paleoanthropology, but is perhaps best known as the author of the Spiritwalker trilogy, which recounts his series of shamanic experiences to encounter a future descendant, “Nainoa,” living 5,000 years in the future following the collapse of western civilization. The author of nine books, Wesselman and his wife, Jill Kuykendall, lead shamanic training workshops at the Esalen and Omega Institutes, Breitenbush Hot Springs Conference Center, and elsewhere. Learn more about his books, workshops, interviews, and other materials at www.SharedWisdom.com.

 Plus, beloved Patrons John Brier, Jonathan Woolson, Hudson Hornick, Noah Hornick, Micheal Parks, Ellen McKenzie, Barbara Savage, Anna Alkin, Gerald Stanek, and Ron Goodman.