November 2017 contributors

Jack Belck claims to lead a rather plain life: university research and editing technical and popular publications in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more details, contact him at

Emily Bowles started her career as a visiting professor of English and women’s studies. She published widely on Margaret Cavendish, Aphra Behn, Henry Fielding, Frances Brooke, and Eliza Lucas Pinckney before leaving academic work and turning to a career as a writer. She also volunteers for her community’s domestic violence shelter, and is a contributor to the Library Journal and Women magazine, and has published poems based on her travel to Egypt with her now ex-husband, her childhood eating disorder, and her experiences of workplace sexism. She blogs at

Stephen Harrod Buhner has been called both an Earth poet and a bardic naturalist by those who have heard him speak. He is the author of 20 works of nonfiction and one book of poetry. For over 30 years, until semi-retirement in 2015, he taught throughout the US, Canada, and the Western European Isles. His work has focused deeply on breaking new ground in the understandings of the states of mind necessary for sustainable human habitation of Earth, Gaian dynamics, plant function in ecosystems, and subtleties of herbal medicines in treating emerging and chronic infections. His work on Lyme disease and its coinfections has set new standards in the field, as well as offering hope and healing to those who suffer these infections.

Eirlys Chui 

Joe Cottonwood is a frequent contributor to The MOON. He lives with his high school sweetheart in La Honda, California.

Bob Findysz was born in Chicago but moved to the suburbs before first grade. After finishing graduate work at the University of Chicago, he avoided one war zone (Vietnam) by choosing another (the Mideast). Married with three grown children and nine grandchildren, Findysz settled on a kibbutz in Israel a few decades ago and spent 40-some years teaching Israeli high school and university students English as a Foreign Language. On periodic leaves-of-absence he has explored other pursuits (from academic counseling to agriculture), traveled extensively, and studied as a way of life.

Leslee Goodman is the publisher and editor of The MOON magazine.

Fiona Jones  is a part-time teacher, a parent and a spare-time writer from the UK.

Jenean McBrearty lives in Kentucky, takes online classes and pretends she’s a princess. Or, on a cloudy day, Norma Desmond, when she and imaginary friends splurge on chocolate ice cream. Her fiction, photographs, and poetry have been published in over 100 journals and anthologies. Her novel, Raphael Redcloak: Guardian of the Arts, was selected by the Santa Clara County, CA, library as a YA selection;  her YA novel Retrolands is serialized on Jukepop.  Other books (Tales From the German Mind, Deathly Short Stories, Helmut Wolf, etc.) are available on She is a frequent contributor to The MOON.

Simon Read lives in the UK. His work includes short fiction, poetry, lyrics, songs, and word-based artworks that have been published, or are forthcoming, in a variety of magazines including Mystic Blue Review, Riggwelter, and Spontaneity. Find out more at:

Garrett Rowlan is a retired Los Angeles teacher. His first novel, The Vampire Circus, is forthcoming; the first of a planned trilogy. His website,, contains selections from his 60 or so published stories and essays, including two of his three short stories previously published by The MOON.

Barrett Warner is the author of Why Is It So Hard to Kill You (Somondoco, 2016) and My Friend Ken Harvey (Publishing Genius, 2014). His poems appear in Beloit Poetry Journal, Pembroke Magazine, and Southeast Review. He goes for a swim in the South Edisto River each evening to let the booze settle.

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