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One Girl

One girl; that is what it takes
to say “no” in a world of men
thinking they know what is best
for the girl, never asking.
One girl; that is what it takes
to run away, in a direction
she does not know, except
it is not where she came from,
and she fears going back.
One girl; is a dangerous voice
to the men thinking what is best
to keep her in a vulnerable place.
All she has to do is speak,
have someone to listen,
and all privilege falls apart.
One girl could always be two girls.
Two girls could always be four.
Then who knows?
Everything would be changed
and some men do not want that.
To some men, girls are cattle or less.
It takes more than one man to change,
but it takes one girl to say “no.”

* * * 

God Is Not Amused With What You Are Doing In Her Name

What would you do if God came down
and said, you have it all wrong?
What if God was really a woman?
What would you do if she brought scales,
measured your worth,
found your soul was empty?
What would you do if she turned you
into a woman, suffering? What if
she was Circe and turned you into swine?
What if you found your sex mutilated?
What would it take to make you see
you had it all wrong?
What if the roles were reversed?
It takes little imagination to control so many;
it takes more imagination to escape.
Martin Willits
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2 Responses to Martin Willitts, Jr. | One girl…and God is not amused

  1. Jean Zellweger March 11, 2014 at 6:19 pm #

    Bravo, Martin! We need more of this thinking, these poetic words expressing truth. Thank You.

  2. John Zgrabik March 18, 2014 at 10:49 am #

    This is the first time I have been to this Website and with the incredible poem I have read and the excellent quality of the site in general, I will be back daily. Keep up the good work.

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