Maria Yraceburu  | Conscious partnership with Earth

A traditional indigenous relationship with Earth Mother and Creation is exactly that—a relationship. As an indigenous keeper of traditional wisdom, I am the result of generations of Holy Ones who worked in harmony with the entities of the Great Mystery…the unseen forces with whom we constantly exchange energy.

My sense is that many of the people who are curious about a conscious partnership with the planet today have yet to make the final leap of faith. That means trusting the partnership as a stable relationship with a truly unconditionally loving authority. Taking this leap can begin in a single moment—going outside in the morning, touching the land and saying, “Thank you, Mother, for another good day in my life.” Thus you begin fulfilling your part in the partnership.

Confusion and disconnection from the Earth sabotage even the best of intentions. Believing we are separate from the planet isolates us in all our belief systems. Yet, through a conscious partnership with Earth Mother we perpetuate a sense of stability and accept responsibility for our life choices. We are more outgoing because we do not feel isolated or alone, and we look to the signs from the natural world as confirmation of our actions. We learn to read Mother’s language through nature.  We take time to be reflective, as well as to co-create with others an active, fulfilling community life.  We cultivate positive goals and enjoy our life endeavors, feeling supported by community and universal forces. We nurture our gentler side. As we strive to be all we can be, we embrace our dreams to live up to our own self-truth.

Do you consider the Earth and future generations in all your decision-making? It’s as simple as choosing where you spend your money, the energy exchange of our times. Are the companies that you support supporting Earth and Humanity? Do you smile when a coyote crosses your path, knowing you are being confirmed in your being? How do you feel when you lay on the ground, warming yourself in the sun? Does the quiet nurturing of the Sacred Mother bring clarity so you can find your way? Do you listen to the Winds of Change through the trees? What about Earth changes, such as volcanic eruptions, catastrophic storms, earthquakes, solar flares, and so on? Do you recognize these as part of the planet’s life that we must support to guarantee our future? Do you know how these things affect you physically, mentally and spiritually? They in fact are creating evolutionary adaptations within our physical form. When we recognize Earth, stones, plants, animals, stars, and more as sentient beings, we change the dynamics of how we live our lives and we approach everything we do as affecting a valuable family member…and therefore ourselves. Everything about our partnership with Earth helps us live our highest image of self, life, and evolution. With consistency, we grow ourselves as we consciously decide to support love. What may have once been viewed as a destructive force is actually understood to be Mother in physical growth. As we adjust our lives in accordance with Earth patterns of change, we experience less suffering.

Many of the people I meet these days have decided to investigate concepts of life once foreign to them. It’s an inner call reminding them there has to be more to life than what they’ve believed, which is evidence that they are relevant in the big picture that is evolving. To understand that we are part of the greater picture of universal order opens us to what many consider psychic abilities…Earth abilities we were all born with, yet squashed in our years of socialization when we were small. Dwelling in relationship with Earth, with life, carries us forward, accepting the steps that come as guidance to see what we’ve always known and now are remembering—our own indigenous roots. At the same time, through our continued growth in the partnership we see life and peace unfolding. How? By seeing and living the bigger picture. To have peace is to be able to stand in calm even when the storm is whirling around us, to understand everything that happens on this grand planet serves a purpose that moves us forward into a United Voice of Totality.

After replacing the illusion that the planet is dead matter with the awareness that she is alive and our conscious partner, we can work together in a type of alchemy. Now life becomes an adventure approached through childlike wonderment. The energies always show up for us, always let us know when to engage and when to just witness, always refill us when we are empty from having served others. In other words, relationship with Earth Mother is dependable and thorough. She knows exactly what we need. True, it’s not always on a timeline that makes linear sense, but the more we work our relationship the more we recognize the synchronistic support that comes in cyclic/seasonal/circular time. This is Earth.

Earth also helps us recognize our limitations, so we can learn to work with them, while our innate talents and dreams grow into fulfillment. We also co-create with others. As life opens up to us, creating more possibilities, celebration and uniqueness, it simultaneously teaches us to co-create. Mother teaches us to be compassionate, effective, creative, powerful parts of totality, bringing us to fulfill our role in life…leader, teacher, healer, Holy One…whatever we envision, and living it to our fullest.

We are rewarded when we act on the guidance we have received. We are confident.

Validation comes, but never from where we expect. This teaches us to release expectations, and it warms our hearts. It’s like expecting to be compensated monetarily. My needs are taken care of, but never directly from the source I might have expected. By trusting in my relationship with Earth and Spirit, I can also trust in the work I’ve been given to do, and that my life needs are provided for. Our behaviors and choices aligned with Earth consciousness convey that we are worthy. We don’t have to feel like what we dream about doing is too much, or to accept it is an act of ego, or fear. When we act upon our dreams, when we live them, we are honored. We come to identify with beauty, with the natural flow of the planet, without stress. I was taught growing up that we were meant to be challenged so we would grow; however, we were never meant to live in the stress the world has arrived at.

This partnership is a real, ecstatic relationship with the simplest being in life—Mother—and she exists in our integration of this relationship. Mother designates whom we have committed ourselves to be. We embody this as we say, “Mother, thank you for another good day in my life,” each morning. Think about it…when you were small, wasn’t the first thing you did in the morning to run downstairs and cheerfully greet your Mother as she got ready for the day? It is the same premise with Earth Mother, and the first step in acknowledging the planet as alive and in relationship with us.

Try it, you’ll like it.  Then you will be shown more.


Maria Yraceburu is an author, theatrical director, healer, counselor, teacher, elders’ guardian, and energy scout. She has worked with many notable shamanic and metaphysical Wisdom Keepers of the world, such as Kahuna Kalei’iliahi, Alberto Villoldo, Beatrex Quntanna, Dr. Sharron Stroud, and Kahuna Leilani Birely, and has helped to bring Earth Magic to life. She hopes to continue to bring her unusual range of intuition and keen ability to speak to the heart of the matter to further the evolution of Earth Magic for more people.

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3 Responses to Maria Yraceburu  | Conscious partnership with Earth

  1. Karen Moysi January 2, 2018 at 9:52 am #

    With my sister’s I’m blessed to say I lived 2017 from this conscious awareness.No longer do I feel lonely. Surrounded by Love.

  2. tailsom January 9, 2018 at 4:55 pm #

    we are as creator put us here! its a gift so value each day to the sister maria is the best! we have walked mother earth for a while and we are blessed that mother earth allows us to be here, we honor her on this walk. we are her(mother earth) we represent her for she gives life and we give life it is up to us to heal her as women. maria has been blessed to share her blessings with us all, for those that listen. I am very proud of her and all she shares its a reminder of who we are and why were here! always remember where u came from and ask creator to help u on this journey. you step outside and your surrounded by beauty and the love that has been handed to us! its what u do with it that counts. may all have a blessed new year 2018 and the future in whatever way u walk all in a good way.

  3. tailsom January 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm #

    all is great blessings to all

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