Laurie Kolp | Selected poems

Trashing Me

You gallivant

along the dock,

one hand pocketed

in saggy jeans,

the other on taut lips

where you drag the last

of a Marlboro.


I watch you toss

the butt in the river,

grab your iPhone- –

noted: rugged


camo cover- –

squinty eyes focused

on notifications.


I try to reach your attention,

beg for some respect

but my lapping waves

only stir up debris

and the oily smell

of diesel exhaust.


I follow

your cigarette

as it washes away

with more unwanted junk- –

a plastic sack caught on stray log,

two tires and a water bottle- –

hoping for another chance.


She is the Beach

We agreed to protect our beaches

from all the tar and seaweed marring her land


so waves won’t spray spume on debris

seen for miles, washed up from shore to shore.


When she breathes, we want clarity

in and out with the tide


in and out as we run along her shore

hand in hand like a couple in love


not rubbish marring each breath

with gasps of despair


imperfect air

tainting our expectations.


We want gentle waves

void of fishy fumes or brackish smack


not scars

like bruises on arms from drunk nights


the beating she can’t hide no matter how hard she tries

to bury her pride in the sand.


Miscarriage of Hope

On the cusp: another 24 hours, the barren sky bleeding coral

your yellow pail, half-buried in seaweed, reeking rotten catch.


When did dusk arrive like stirred up sand?

At the water’s razor edge sinking, still sinking?


Moon so out of reach, I grasp the air but you’re not there.


Each wave a lure calling me out to join the sea

where every hour-long minute won’t recreate

wonder of what might have been


elusive eyes I’ll never know won’t haunt me

with regret of how I failed you

when you slipped out of my hands.


When will this feeling end?



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2 Responses to Laurie Kolp | Selected poems

  1. Linda E.H. February 3, 2015 at 3:08 am #

    I enjoyed reading these very much, especially “trashing me”. Good work, Laurie.

  2. Susan February 8, 2015 at 7:46 pm #

    Wonderful, Laurie, to make such connections of love, loss, and the environment. The first is my favorite.

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