Big Love

I chose the images in this month’s gallery to reflect a concept we Westerners don’t often consider: the Love of Gaia, the entire planetary ecosphere, for each of her parts.
Could it really be true that the Earth loves us?
Like a Mother, say the indigenous people.  Which is to say, intensely, selflessly, wholeheartedly.
The work of naturalist Rupert Sheldrake suggests a mechanism for accessing this love.  He proposes that there is a “morphic resonance field” from which all things draw, and to which all things contribute. This is how murmurations of birds and schools of fish can swirl so effortlessly, as if they are one organism.  They’re drawing information from the morphic resonance field—and contributing to it simultaneously. Doesn’t it seem that creatures who feel this sense of connectedness to the whole, this “the unified field,” experience the joy of creation in a way that those of us who prize our lonely “individualism” do not?
But we can open our hearts at any time and tune in…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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