Bonnie Durrance | Selected poems

Saturn Rising

At this hour Saturn hangs
Left of Corvus, center stage
Just above the tree tops in the cold southeastern sky.
Innocent enough: A pretty little planet.
Why would the ancients have him eat his children?

And why the pull, the heavy weight he hauls
Across the sky, dragging with him
His dreadful mission along with
My good mood?
Mood, of course, is nonsense, we all know.
Nothing more than clouds, that come and go.
Still, for the minute while were in it, moods can rule
And working out of one that’s settled in takes skill.

Saturn feared his children would depose him, so it’s said.
And his unease, so wrongly placed, has dragged me out of bed.


the loneliest moment

Of course we imagine

A welcoming God.

Look at the stars.


Out there just now

In the southeast view

Where Altair the eagle flew


Light years ago

And still is bright, as birds

Begin their morning song.


When we close our eyes

That final time and plunge

Down into endlessness


I wonder who will greet us?

Say our name and tell us

Where to go?



the thought i do not want to see

Keeps me awake and
Terrifies my dreams and
Leads me down no-destination roads and
Winds me up till I can speak of nothing
That does not have it at its core.

I know

Let’s play a little game
Let’s pretend we have not heard its name before.
We’ll look at other things.
This red tomato I just picked, these eggs.
Your face.
My resolution doesn’t last.
Everything reminds me of its future past.


Bonnie Durrance

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2 Responses to Bonnie Durrance | Selected poems

  1. Daphne Larkin September 5, 2014 at 7:24 am #

    Clearly, Bonnie Durrance is a gifted poet whose work should be seen far and wide. Congratulations to The Moon magazine for recognizing this extraordinary talent. I am blown away by her poems.

  2. Ann Copeland September 6, 2014 at 7:49 pm #

    Bonnie Durrance’s poems, at their best, both gently touch the soul and nudge us to recognize the humor
    often framing our ordinary moments. It’s a rare gift.

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