Angelina Llongueras | Standing Rock is burning, Long live Standing Rock

Standing Rock reduced for web

Standing Rock is burning, Long live Standing Rock

Burning pollution and dirt
Lighting our memories
of the love we gave and took
Standing Rock is a new galaxy in the sky of freedom
Treaty land stolen by the oil companies
turns into an eternal song of longing
for the thunder of justice
that drums us awake.

We can now fast

The trees have bled their wisdom
and in these hours of mist and blizzard
every being in the animal kingdom
and in the kingdoms of other stars
knows the perpetrators have lost their war
and the birds have shrieked a cry in their flight
to issue the warning:
the faceless emptiness of corporate uniforms
filled with weapons and devoid of soul
is the first offering to the fire

Standing Rock shines like a laser
above the whole world
kindles numberless uprisings
and dances ritually on the clouds
its ancestral spirits bathing in the sun
of clarity and promise.
Life in infinite flow gives birth
to its clean fountain of eternal youth
which quenches our thirst
and is a token of victory
for the coming revolutions.


Angelina Llongueras, Ph.D., was born in Barcelona and is a member of the Chicago Revolutionary Poets Brigade, a multilingual actress and activist, a published poet, playwright and researcher, a university professor, and an experienced translator and interpreter.

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  1. Juanjo March 7, 2017 at 10:09 am #

    Wonderful, thanks Angelina Llongueras.
    Congrats my dear friend. Ok.Juanjo!

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